Transport of fuels


Fuels and petroleum matters rank among flammable and potentially explosive substances and their transport and storage have their own special rules. In addition to the sale of fuel, our company also ensures the transport of dangerous substances and fuels from refineries up to a customer in compliance with the regulations. We will ensure their storage and transport according to all ADR rules and regulations. We do not depend on additional transport partners and transport using our own tank trucks, which enables us to provide transport, required service and the dispatcher’s activities nonstop without any other limitations.


We provide

  • Transport of a load of up to 27 tons

  • Dispatcher’s services

  • Precisely registered drawing of goods

  • Nonstop transport

  • National and international transport of fuels

  • Transport by a tank truck equipped with a pump


Technical equipment

For transport, we use sets with modern equipment and with tank semitrailers with a capacity of up to 34,000 litres of the transported media, divided into up to 6 separate chambers. This means that they are able to transport up to 6 different media at the same time with a capacity of approx. 6,000 litres of each medium. The maximum capacity is only limited by the total weight of the load, which is up to 27 tons. Every truck is equipped with a tachograph recording exactly a distance covered, which serves as a basis for the possible invoicing of transport depending on the kilometres covered. Every driver has a mobile phone for reliable communication with both the dispatcher and a customer. All tanks are equipped with a drawing clock with a printer for exact records of goods drawn. The measuring clocks are checked every year and verified with a certificate of precise measurement according to the standard. The drawing clocks ensure reliable readings of goods drawn, not affected by air bubbles. The internal mechanism of a clock ensures numerical records of a drawing process, marking drawing from the zero up to the final result without the possibility of being manipulated by the operator. This is to give customers an assurance that goods will be drawn precisely.

Prices and conditions of transport

For customers buying fuels from our company, we automatically provide also transport to the place of destination. The price of transport is already included in the price of goods and is not charged separately. Transport is charged only in the case of custom transport or at the expressed request of a customer. Custom transport is paid at a kilometre rate according to the price list, regardless of the quantity transported. Significant discounts on extra orders are given to regular business partners. For special orders, a lump price of transport can be agreed on. The prices given in the price list are calculated for the transport of goods including its distribution and unloading. In the case of single transport to a long distance, we give discounts on the kilometre rate. We provide both national and international transport.